What Is a General Trading Company

There are thousands of companies and professionals who carry out this international business activity. There are more than 3,500 international trade intermediaries in the GlobalTrade Directory, sorted by country and sector. See Agent; Distributor; Export management companies. The other general business model of commercial companies is commercial investment. We invest in the company with the aim of expanding our functions according to customer needs and expanding our business regions by leveraging the know-how cultivated in our business activity. Instead of making investments with short-term goals, we decide on our investments in a long-term perspective aimed at the growth and expansion of companies and markets with our domestic and foreign partners. After making such investments, we foster business growth by leveraging human resources and participating in management to promote the improvement of the company`s value. Commercial companies are specialists who cover all export and import operations and procedures. A trading company buys products in one country and sells them in different countries, where it has its own distribution network. These types of companies work mainly with high production volumes of products such as raw materials, chemicals, generics, etc. The activities of a commercial company include: it is impossible to give a simple explanation of the nature of the activity carried out by general commercial companies.

The breadth and scope of products traded by general trading companies and the various forms of transactions around the world are unique in the world. Different types of practical conditions make many types of business. Usually, two types of businesses are defined in trade. The business model of the société commerciale générale is based on two axes: trade and business investment. Today, “trading company” mainly refers to global B2B traders who specialize in a category of goods and have a strong logistics organization. Changes in practice such as faster distribution, IT and modern marketing have led to changes in their business models. As a general trading company, we have built trusting relationships with our business partners at home and abroad through trade, while developing expertise through a diverse range of business transactions around the world in order to participate in business investments while leveraging our rich experience. Thus, general trading companies expand the value chain by combining trade with commercial investment.

The basis of the activity of commercial companies lies in the value chain (broad definition). Instead of simply supplying materials, products and goods, our coordination with related companies and business investments means that we are involved in everything from developing resources used as raw materials to formulating and building plans for efficient supply systems. In the automotive value chain, for example, our activities include everything from the development and supply of raw materials to the actual delivery of automobiles to customers. We also add value by leveraging our trading company`s capabilities in various regions, including waste reuse and recycling. This value chain, which includes the company`s upstream and downstream activities, is called the value chain. A multi-specialty trading company builds a strong position within the specialized trading industry in several different business areas, sometimes combining them organically to create value and new business. NST is a commercial company specializing in multi-purpose trade operating in its four main business areas of steel, industrial supply and infrastructure, textiles and food, making far-reaching contributions to society by meeting basic human needs for food, housing and clothing. The steel industry and industrial supply and infrastructure deal mainly with capital goods, while the textile industry and groceries deal mainly with consumer goods. The textile shop provides clothing. The grocery store delivers food. The steel sector and the industrial utilities and infrastructure sector provide protection. In this way, NST operates four very different companies as a single company and uses the synergies between them to grow its business.

The basic business model is trading, which focuses on trading with foreign parties. We fully exploit our functions as a trading company in our domestic and international business transactions. These functions, which include data on political economy and regions, our global logistics network, various financial services, as well as risk management based on our extensive access to data and experience, allow us to offer products and services that meet the needs of our customers. .